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An Easy DIY Project

Create your own unique piece for under £10

This project will take you a morning or afternoon.  You can buy new or update an existing small furniture item.  Using the technique of decoupage you can turn a plain piece into a unique, quirky talking point!

The first example uses an Ikea ODDVAR pine stool which costs just £7.  Follow these instructions before assembling your Ikea piece – it’s so much easier to handle smaller parts.  For this particular project the stool is painted in certain areas so will need lightly sanding to remove any varnish and to ‘rough it up’ a little for the primer/paint to adhere.  For a long lasting finish, it’s best to use a primer first and then finish with your paint choice.  A satin gloss paint, left over from another DIY venture, was used on the four legs.

You can then choose a wrapping paper of your choice – 1 large sheet should work for this item if carefully planned (maybe buy a second one just in case – you can always use it on another smaller project later).  Place the stool seat on the sheet of paper and use it as a guide to cut out the amount you need (add an additional 4-5cm all round to cover the sides and wrap underneath).  Follow the same with the four struts – you will need a piece that is the correct length but long enough to wrap all the way around with a lap of about 1cm.  Cover the seat with Mod Podge glue/varnish (available from any craft shop or eBay) and place the wrapping paper onto it.  Smooth the paper with your hand or a sponge and apply more glue to wrap the paper around the sides, tucking in the corners.  Use a stanley knife to cut away any excess paper.  Repeat with the four struts smoothing out as you go.  Once your happy with the placement, apply the glue/varnish over the paper – 2 or 3 coats (make sure each coat dries before applying the next one).  This will give you a a professional hardened, smooth finish.

The second example uses a £5 Ikea LACK table.  For this, the whole table is covered in paper and so a 3 or 5M roll would be a good idea.

This is such a great way of adding your own personality into your home.  Take a look at the results here:


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