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Bedroom Restyle

Recently, my lovely clients wanted some direction with their bedroom styling.

The family had moved into and practically rebuilt their new house and had gradually decorated throughout.  The only room left was the master bedroom and they couldn’t decide where to go with it.  Together, we took a look at the space and talked about what they needed, what they liked and equally what they didn’t like.

Up until this point they had installed a new carpet, painted the walls in a light, neutral colour and hung some curtains.  They have some very nice existing furniture – a large chest of drawers and 2 bedside cabinets and they also want to keep the bed.  They have a walk in closet in the corridor area, so, as there is no need for a wardrobe in the main area and it is a good size, a spacious, light and uncluttered space could be created.  They were willing to consider changing the layout but, on reflection, I really felt that the existing furniture placement worked best.   They requested a headboard, a mirror and some shelving.  They didn’t want to put anything too bold on the walls but liked the idea of an accent colour which could be bought out in soft furnishings and accessories.  They gave me a few options on the accent colour and the plan I designed for them featured teal.

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