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Don’t ditch it, paint it

So often, we find ourselves looking at a piece of furniture that just ‘doesn’t go’ anymore or is looking a bit dated!  Before you replace it, dump it or sell it, why not consider giving it a new lease of life!

If your furniture is in good condition with no major cracks, you can give it a brand new look!  Most finishes can be transformed.  It will need lightly sanding all over, priming and then finishing with 2 coats of paint.  A very popular finish is created using chalk paint (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is available from most good retailers in a range of colours).  It’s very versatile and can give a limewash effect or make a modern item of furniture look like an old vintage piece.  I, personally, like to use a paint with a satin finish.  It creates a clean look and is easy to look after (furniture polish, wiping clean etc).

If your furniture has handles or knobs, consider replacing them.  There are so many gorgeous alternatives available to fit in with all colour schemes or themes.

Then there’s garden furniture!  Weathered, old furniture doesn’t look too inviting but painted it really brings it back to life.  You will need a special garden paint:  Ronseal, Cuprinol and most of the leading DIY stores offer own brands.  They are available in an array of lovely shades.  Preparation and application is the same and the effects are fabulous.  Two complimentary shades were used on the table and chairs below.

If you are looking for something in particular but it’s not quite right or ‘won’t go’, why not buy something new and paint it to fit your colour scheme.  The stools in the photo below are very reasonable from Ikea and the legs have been painted to match the kitchen theme.  The seat was varnished.

Why not have a go?  If you’re going to ditch it anyway, you’ve nothing to lose and you could create a unique piece of furniture at a very affordable price.

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