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What About Colour?

How do you feel about colour?  I, personally, love it but it can’t be too much … over the top!  In the rooms of my home, I want colour to add to or create a mood, react to the light or produce an emphasis.  It can be quite a scary step applying colour or putting up wallpaper but, if you take that step, you’ll realise the warmth that can be achieved

I have a large kitchen diner which is mostly pale grey (Dulux, quartz flint).  In certain lights it’s almost white but at other times of the day it can look pale blue.  A large, dark grey (Dulux, gallant grey) wall compliments it and creates a focal point in the dining area.  There is a lot of colour on the walls of this room and it’s not at all scary!


My bedroom, on the other hand, has a very dark blue wall (Dulux, bretton blue).  Too much, you might think .. and I’d agree if it was on all the walls but on just the wall behind the bed and another smaller piece of wall, it creates interest and warmth.  The other walls are light grey.

Now, if I had an old property with picture rails and details, I’d be tempted to paint rooms all in one colour and go quite dark.  Period, classical colours can create a cosy elegance and enhance the property’s charm.  However, I would always avoid bright colours like hot pink and lime green.  The colour should make you feel comfortable so try lovely greys, blues, reds and greens in muted, deep shades, teamed with lighter complimentary colours.

So, why not go for it?  Don’t be drawn to the magnolia or the 50 shades of white!  Put a bit of colour in your home; warm it up – you wont regret it!


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